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Understanding I Chuan 

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What is the shape of imitating? What is the mind generated from the heart? Only man, of the million living things has a super-natural spirit and able to feel and respond to everything. This is because he has an emotional mind internally to comprehend the surrounding objects. Objects which are external but the comprehending is internal, objects are external but the comprehending is internal.

The wise judgment originates with the emotional mind. Therefore, when heart and mind secretly exist within, then millions of objects will be shaped externally. The internal and external correspondence depends on nothing but the circulation and transport of the one energy.

Da Mo, the ancestral teacher, used this theory and created the fist style. His objective was to cultivate and increase the one energy so as to increase the muscle energy. So, the movements are simple, but the achievements and applications become unlimited.

Therefore it is named,

“Shape-Mind Fist”





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