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 Welcome to our new Study page!

Various concepts, theroies etc. will be presented. These ideas can be discussed in class and are here for your own musings. The information presented will be of, I'll say "critical, functional importance" to the  understanding and training of our class material. When known, the author/s being sited will be listed and perhaps the originating document. All arts (Nei Jia) could be represented and with various levels of understanding from beginner to advanced.


I hope everyone finds this interesting and helpful!


-Sun Lu Tang

Three Injuries, Nine Necessities, Four Virtues, Eight Abilities, Four Emotions.




        In Sun Lu Tang's book, "Classical Baguazhang" - 1916, he states the following as basic components of practice and study and that without understanding of these components one cannot reach mastery. To add, I doubt one could even reach a level of competency without a basic idea of these skills. Again these are Skills;  just as Peng, Song, An and Chih, nothing mystical-magical.

        Think of these concepts/skills as checkpoints or awareness's to be mindful of while working on your material. These apply to Hsing I training (see the "Seven Words and Twenty One Methods" Document) as well and to a large degree Tai Chi Chuan, however it may not be as obvious.

        Another aspect of this material, as with much of the classic writings for example- is that one cannot just assume they understand or know what these words represent intellectualy, or by direct translation of the Chinese words. They have to be described, taught, felt and demonstrated to be understood. Then after a time they must be discovered by the individual.

        To believe that one understands and/or teachs on an intellectual level only, can be likened to "The blind leading the blind" I hope this makes sense.

        Note also that the following study ideas are above and beyond or in addition to that of, lets say, our basic rules, cautions and checkpoints including Neutral Powers. Of course when we look at this "stuff" we know it all exists at the same time or as I always say "in the soup"



The Three Injuries of the Internal School-

     Exererting the Chi

     Clumsey Strength

     Expanding the Breast and Raising the Abdomen



The Nine Necessities of Practice-




     Push Up From Below





     Rise, Drill, Overturn and Fall 



The Four Virtues







The Four Emotions







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